The Nevil Shute Norway Foundation

The principal aim of the Foundation is to further public awareness in the life and writings of Nevil Shute Norway. The Foundation has its genesis in a Nevil Shute internet book club which was formed in late 1996. This group suggested that a small gathering should be organised to mark the then approaching one hundredth anniversary of Shute’s birth. This ‘small gathering’ quickly grew into a formal Centennial Symposium which was held in Albuquerque, New Mexico in January 1999. Attended by over 120 delegates from five countries, those present included Shute’s two daughters and their family.

Since then, the Nevil Shute Norway Foundation has developed into a dynamic not-for-profit international organisation which hosts a range of national and international conventions and workshops devoted to Shute’s work; maintains lending libraries in the UK, USA and Australia; supports the Shute Memorial Library in Alice Springs; assists in the development of educational programmes related to Shute’s writing; publishes a monthly newsletter; funds an annual Nevil Shute Excellence in Aviation Scholarship; and maintains a web site. The link for the Foundation’s website is:

The website contains an extensive range of photographs, documents and articles and is an excellent resource for anyone interested in finding out more about the life and work of Nevil Shute Norway